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Thread: Knee Problems

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    Knee Problems

    I Have Recently(6 Months), Notice That I Have Been Having Knee Problems. It Is Extremely Diffuclut For Me To Get Up All The Way Down And Up(squating) Without Feeling A Sharp Pain. It Does Go Away After I Warm Up, But This Seems Like A Permanant Type Of Life Style That I Dont Want To Pursue. I Am Wondering If Anyone Who Has The Similiar Problem Cartalage Wear, Took Gh And Notice A Improvement? I Was Given Some Great Information Buy Other Members On This Webpage On Another Forum Under Powerlifting, But Nothing Related To The Use Of Gh. Any Info Will Be Greatly Apreciated.

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    I don't think GH would help all that much. Cartlidge wear is an anoying problem and it's hard to fix without surgery.

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    Go get an MRI, so you at least know what you're dealing with. It could be as simple as a slightly torn meniscus.

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