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    What is better for carbing up?

    I don't consumer much carbs all week long. This leaves me soft and flat. But nonetheless pretty cut up and vascular. I plan on going to the beach this Sunday. I want to get hard and pumped up. Eating ****loads of carbs all of Saturday, and I'm sure to wake up in the morning hard and pumped. But what will make this technique work better for the outcome of Sunday? Using GH with Insulin on Saturday? Insulin alone? r-ALA? CLA? Insulin with r-ALA and GH???? What????

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    BRO no amount or combonaton of drugs are gonna affect you in the way you want them to in a 24hr period,read up on carb depletion and loading,your gonna need a little more time next time though...for now i would say gord yourself on saturday,eat anything and everything with min water intake,as long as you are lean now and your diet has been clean you should wake up pumped,ripped and vascular for the day

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    i agree

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