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Thread: worth getting

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    worth getting

    looking for xpert advice i am 35yrs old been lifting since high school done 10 bulk cycles lots test pink thias anapolon sust some tren and deca just did 1st cutter test tren and winny at 229lbs right now about 18%bf should i look into hgh and if so what to xpect and how long of cycle thanks

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    I did hgh and a cycle and I went from 223 lbs and 23% bf to 239 lbs and 11% bf in 4 months. I have been on the HGH for 7 weeks and the last 7 weeks is when my bf dropped. I am 44 and have not done a cycle in around 10 years. I like the HGH but they say it takes 6 months to really see the effects, I am really looking forward to seeing how good it gets.

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