OK quick rundown. I'm taking 1g test/w 600mg EQ/w 400 deca /w. Will run the AAS for about another 2 months. Running 10iu of humalog pwo. Tomorrow I start 2iu of HGH ED for the rest of my life. Duration of the slin will be 1 month on, 1 month off. How long can I run the slin like this and still be safe? Also, how long would it be safe to run 25mg of T-3 a day? 36yrs old, BB for 20yrs.Pretty much maxed out now. Just some ques. off the top of my head. Any other comments,suggestions would be appriciated. P.S. After I discontinue my AAS cycle, could I run say 200mg of test/week with the GH for an extended period of time?