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Thread: Hgh Cycle

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    Hgh Cycle

    I Am A 30 Year Old Male Who Has Done 3 Cycles In The Past Three Years. Have Friends Who Use Hgh And The Results Are Amazing. I Just Recieved 600 Iu's Of Jintropin And Am Thinking Of A Cycle Like This. It Is A 6-8 Month Cycle And I Really Want To Cut Up. I Am 5'11" 220 Lbs. 18% Bf. Please Feel Free To Guide Me In The Right Direction If I Need It.

    4 Iu Ed 6 Days A Week (2iu Morning 2iu Night)
    5 Tabs Clenbuterol Ed Cycling 2 Weeks On 2 Weeks Off
    37.5mg Phentermine Each Day To Control Hunger Cravings

    Dont Laugh At The Last One That Stuff Really Helps Esspecially On Day 4 With No Carbs. Please Tell Me What You Think.

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    Through some test and an anti-estrogen into the mix and u'll be able to harden up a bit even during a low calorie diet. Just 400 mg a wk should be sufficient. Nut

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    If you're just trying to cut up, that should be good, but I don't know about 6-8months streight. I would probably say about 3 months streight max. You don't want to mess with your body's ability to produce it's own growth hormone .

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