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    Is 2iu's worth it?

    I am coming off a cycle which included 4iu's of HGH for 5 days 2 days off for the last 4 months,along with test,winny,nolva,clen .I am goin to cycle off for at least 8 weeks and take my clomid and nolvadex .My question is , I liked the hgh so much I was wondering if I could remain on hgh at 2iu's during the winter and it still help me in staying lean during that time?Also,if that is OK do I need to cycle off the hgh as well or just by reducing my iu intake can just continue each month?

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    the length of time on the HGH is more important than the dose. I am doing 2 IU's a day of Jino and like the results. good luck

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    I am going to start a 2i.u. 5 on 2 off 9 month long cycle here very soon.

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