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    how much hgh to use

    Im 21 5'11 242 lbs 19inch arms 52 inch chest...34 inch waist...14% bf.. I need to lose fat and get slightly vascular and need to get vascular....i wanna use gh...i know im young but would like to try it....i am an advanced steriod user...

    how many months should i use it for?
    how many kits do i need (116 iu kits)
    5 days on and 2 days off????
    how many iu's a day?

    I am going to use 1200-1400 mg of enathate for 10-12 weeks and use 700mg of tren for 8 weeks..
    any suggestions????
    remember I want to get bigger but i need to get much leaner

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    I hope you know how ugly things can look if you fuc* up while on gh coz of your age. Not really worth it IMO, wait a little longer man, your too young just like you said. Your even too young to be an experinced user with AAS.

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    i see what your saying, what can i **** up?

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    What's your hurry bro? At your age your natural GH levels are through the roof. Too young IMO.

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    In order to get bigger using GH, you would have to be taking an amount that's just not healthy at all for a person your age. You are almost out of that age range, but when a person your age takes GH, they have to be constantly observed, x-rayed and have blood levels checked to make sure you aren't going to do damage to yourself. At 5'11, prematurely ending your vertical growth isn't a major problem, but is still not desireable. The main problem you have to be concerned with is that at your age, increase in heart size is a major problem. Your natural GH levels should be falling and your vertical growth should be just about complete and your bones should be in the process of fusing. You can speed up the fusion of the bones and cause abnormalities in the joints that will result in pain and possible visible abnormalities. Your heart is at a higher risk of being enlarged and since your body is not really mature yet, you can seperate a heart valve.

    Even the small amount that it takes to cause fat reduction can be dangerous because your body is just starting to level out when it comes to hormone levels and if you pump an artificial hormone into your body, that will be taken into consideration as your body tries to figure out what a good baseline is. If you take Testosterone and GH for example, your body will feel that it only needs to produce a small fraction of the GH that it would normally be producing as well as testosterone and it will feel that it needs to pump out much more estrogen than it would normally. Once those baselines are set, it's difficult to alter.

    It's just a bad to idea to be an "advanced" steroid user at your age. A truly "advanced" steroid user wouldn't have to ask the question you asked, nor would they be your age and still be considering taking another cycle. I don't say that as a diss, but as a saving grace.

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    Get some TREN ...

    GH save that for later

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