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    Question NewB GH Question

    First of all just wanted to say whats up to everybody as this is my first post. I find this site very informative and was wondering if you could answer my question.

    I first was under the impression that GH use at about 4iu's 5 on 2 off for a whole year would not interfere with the bodys natural production of gh. but recently i have read that it should only be run for 3 months max so as you dont shut off your bodys natural gh production.

    Any input on this question would be greatly appriciated.


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    hi u cant just shut of your gh supplys its true you shouldent use gh for more then 3 months becase theres a chance ull grow ur internal organs and bones too big body builders call it gh gut and its a hıgh possibbility if u use gh for more then 3 monthes at a high dose.

    good luck if u have any more questions about gh just ask.or beter yet do reasearch the internets the best sorce of information on the planet

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    Thanks for the input snake i appriciate it

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    There are plenty of people that run it year round, 3 months is minimum


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