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    igf inj. and dosage

    only a few important questions!
    What is now the most effective dosage if you never used igf?
    I am a competetive bodyb.30 years old 230pounds and i often used sth.
    i wanted to start like this

    mo chest-biceps inject after workout in the biceps both
    tu legs inject. in the legs
    wed free inject there?
    thu schoulders inject shoulders
    friday back inject ?
    sat ?
    sth 4iu every evening
    igf after workout and in the morning but there to inject? or sq?
    60/80 or 100mg a day igf?
    i take testoviron 1000mg with the igf and hgh and after week 2 dianabol

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    hello nobody??


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    over the hill
    1st of all i suggest u 2 search this forum about IGF-1(LR3), GH, SLIN and find out dosage/usage by ur own.
    IMO if i were u bro i would running gear like this: (and i were add humalog as well)
    in the morning(lets say 8:00): gh/humalog
    in the midday(2:00): gh
    after gym(pwo): igf/humalog (a shot in the trainner muscle)
    Now the dosages: for gh 2i.u each morn/mid
    for humalog: (for 230 pounder) IMO 10-12i.u`s max each morn/pwo
    for igf-1: 40-60mcg pwo.( i never use igf-1 bro so this is just my opinion. search it out)

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