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    Mixing,and dosage question

    Hey guys thanks for all the great information,Ive been thinking about trying this for a long time, and thanks to all the info,and the GREAT mods here,Ive decided to give it a try.
    41 years old 5'8 183 31" waist,fairly low body fat already,but wanting to get it even lower.Mostly just want this, for the b/f reduction,and health benefits.
    The GH I have is 6 IU, per bottle,and what I need to know is how much water to mix, per bottle?I know it dosnt really matter,but just wondering what the best would be. Then, I want to take 1.5 IU 2X per day. What would that be on the slin needle,and is this the proper dosage, for what I am looking for?
    Thanks again

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    iwould suggest using .6 of a 1cc or 60percent because i uses 1cc for 10 iu and it works just fine. if you wanted to use 2iu it would work out to .2 of a cc or 20 percent.

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