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    HGH + T3 + it worth it?

    Hi all,

    I've been dieting for 14 weeks, losing 2 Ibs a week. I've gone from 18st to 16.7. Ive now got exactly 3 weeks left. I'm currently using the stuff below

    1 x 2 winstrol a week
    1 x 2 propinate a week
    3 x Glen a day
    4 x T3 a day

    I'm thinking of buying 40 IU's of HGH & having 2 IU's a day to get the last bit of fat off & keep my muscles up. I know its not very long & should be alot more than this. To be honest I'm a little dissapointed in how a look, as the amount of money & effort I have put in far outweighs the results.

    What do you think. I have the option to buy tonight & its good stuff at a really good price.

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    i don`t think so bro... 40i.u is very little. u have to use gh at least 6 weeks x2i.u/day to see any results (fatburning). try e/c/a its cheap/effective

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    I was worried you might say that. Dont' get me wrong I look good, but not good enough.

    btw what is e/c/a?

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    The old trusty Ephedrine, caffeine & aspirin stack. The ephedrine & caffeine work in synergy with each other to burn far more fat than the sum of what each could do on their own i.e. (using completely made up figures here) if 30mg ephedrine on its own could burn say 5g of fat and 120mg of caffeine on its own could burn 3g of fat, used together they could burn say 11g of fat. (whereas 5g + 3g = 8g) As I said these figures are completely fictional, just used to illustrate the idea of synergy.

    Aspirin blocks off prostoglandins, hormone messengers whose job it is to interrupt the thermogenic effects of ephedrine & caffeine thereby prolonging the fat burning effect.

    Adding 450mgs of GLA to the equation can heighten the body's sensitivity to ephedrine increasing the fat burning potential even further.

    The majority of the above info was taken from the books of Chris Aceto, look him up at

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    Ya stick with the ECA stack, GH is a pretty expensive fat burner, also 40iu's isn't going to cut it, i think you'd be dissapointed with the results from 40iu's.

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