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Thread: Mono and IGF-1

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    Mono and IGF-1

    Would it be smart/safe for someone who has mono to use IGF-1 to try and avoid losing weight? Assuming this person could get to the gym a few times a week, even for just little workouts. Would the IGF help the Mono clear up quicker? Just a few random questions. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    In the Gym, if i could
    ummmm... when i had it.. i lost 25 lbs.. and was bed ridden for 2 weeks..
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    ****, do you think maybe something anti-catabolic like low doses of clenuterol throught the time im sick would help me keep some muscle? Im not a huge guy at all and track season is starting up soon and i dont want to lose all the weight ive put on this summer.

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    Yo i had mono and didn't rest ended up bed ridden for two months with chronic fatigue for 6 more i lose almost 30 pounds. so make sure you rest if nothing else

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    i lost 20lbs when i got mono, i wasn't really bed ridden but i couldn't do anything. i'd try to watch a movie and i would wake up during the credits, pissed me off.

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