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    mimicing insulin

    hey im curious - i want to mimic the effects of insulin shots, becuase i do not want to take the risk of dieing. what kind of foods should i eat, and when should i eat them. ive heard that simple sugars like jelly beans are bad in the morning and after workouts, yet they say to shoot slin at these times. what would you all do i fyou couldnt shoot insulin, but wanted similar effects from diet.

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    your insulin will spike after consuming carbs. So the reason it is wise to eat carbs after your workout is to spike your insuln levels to transport nutrients. Dextrose is a good carb pwo. However it is not likely you will get the same results as using exogenous insulin.

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    Bro take R-ALA, It increases Insulin Sensativity greatly therefore when eating carbs after workouts or whenever you will have much greater insulin spikes and insulin released. It is a wonderful legal product Produced by Lion Nutrition.

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