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    Is slin right for me? Tight schedual

    So far one AAS cycle under my belt, I finished up at 210lbs @ 8-9%, for my next one I'm thinking of throwing in 5 or 6 IU's of slin, mainly just because I'm curious of the effect, I'm not in a rush to scare small children.

    My problem is my schedual is TIGHT, I get a PWO meal in easy, its the 1.5-3 hours after that could be a problem if it falls on a day where I have classes and night shift - putting my workout in between them.

    There must be others that have lives here? This is my 4th and final year of University for now and after I plan on taking a few months off where I could use slin easily, but thats not for a while yet. How do you bros accomidate slin into your scheduals? (diet wise).

    (woohoo 700 posts! )

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    im gunna wait on the slin till i have a month or so off. i too have a very tight schedule and im very unorganized lol. id end up killing myself with the **** if i was taking it now. like you said your in no big rush, so wait a little while. atleast untill winter recess

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    I think a lot of people train at night after they finish work so then they can put all of their remaining time into training. If your schedule is tight, just wait till your done with Uni, you havent got long to go. If your gonna do it, do it properly. Please educate yourself b4 using slin, its not sometin ur screw round with. good luck

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    You need 2 hours after an IM humalog shot to measure your bg levels for the first few times. Once you've got your carbs dialed in you just need to be able to eat your second meal. You could start on the weekend or a holiday when you have time a privacy to measure your bg values and get the carbs dialed in, then during school just make sure you can eat your second meal in class. You could bring a protein shake with the appropriate amount of maltodextrin for the second meal and you should be gtg.

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