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    When to stop GH when on a show diet?????

    Iam currently 20 days out of a show ive been using Genetropin- China (spelling) 100iu kit.

    Ive been told in the past to stop 10 days, then by another person a month out...
    When would you suggest to stop please i need an answer as a result of all this mucking around ive been off for 3 days! Need quick replys!!!!

    Thank you


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    i stoppped 7 days before the show.
    i used 4iu ed for 3 months.
    prop. until day before.

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    It depends is it making you bloated, are you retaining water? Most will stop 2 weeks out, but i have also heard of people running it all the way through, i would say 1-2 weeks should be fine...XXL

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