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    Starting a GH cycle

    Going to be starting a GH cycle very soon, but just have some final questions. After reading a TON on info on this and getting the "what works for one, doesn't always work for the other" blurbs, I am curious as to how I should start this out. From my source I can get Gensci Jino, 100 IU @ $350. This is my question to those in the know. Should I start at 2IU's a day 5/2 split? The main reason for the 5/2 split is mostly due to cost. Also it should be noted that I will not being doing any AAS for at least 2-3 months. My goals/ reasons for using growth is to accomplish the same goals that I have read a lot of people have accomplished while using growth.....fat loss and overall feeling of well being. What would be the smartest, most logical way to go about starting this cycle? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    I would start at 2 IU's a day and gradually go up if you want/need to.
    I started at 4 IU's a day and the sides where rough, I went back to 2 IU's a day for a few months and then went to 3 IU's a day. Although some start at 4 IU's a day with no problem for me it would have been better to ease in.
    good luck

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    I would start at 1IU per day for the first couple days and then move up to 2IU per day. Most of the side effects associated with GH is from jumping into a maintenance dose and not letting the body get used to it.

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