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    LR3 IGF Questions

    I have read many different opinions on how to use IGF and I want to get some clarification.

    1. Should you shoot once a day, or at two different times a day?

    2. The medium is that the pwo shots should be bilateral in the muscle group you worked out that day. Does that mean that you should load two pins, one for each side?

    3. Is it important to inject into the muscle group that you worked, or does any IM shot suffice?

    4. Sub q injections... are they just as effective? When should subq be used instead of IM

    If assumptions 1 and 2 are true. Then that means that if you wanted to do 40mcg per day, you'd load up 20mcg in the morning and shoot either subq or IM. Then pwo you would load up two more pins and inject 10mcg into each side of the muscle group.

    I am on my third day so far. The first two days I injected subq without any problem. Then today I injected bilaterally (pec) after my chest workout. I have been injecting once a day because that is more convenient for me at this time. I really want to get some of these questions clarified though. THANK YOU.

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    Very informative Red , thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBaron
    I am not sure there are definitive answers to some of your questions, but I will be happy to share my experiences so far.

    1. I shoot once a day. Long R3 has a long enough active time in your system that I don't see the need for breaking it up into morning and PWO. I take 2IU's of GH in the morning, and 60mcg of IGF PWO. It has worked very well for me that way.

    2. I do load two pins, 30mcg each (plus I add some sterile water to syringe to dilute), and inject one on each side.

    3. I don't know how important / critical it is to inject only into the muscle group that was just worked, but since after a good workout the number of IGF-1 receptors is increased, I reason that I am giving the IGF-1 the best possible environment to get to work by using those increased receptors to best advantage. I am sure it would still work fine if I shot into another muscle (as long as we are talking long R3), but it definitely doesn't hurt (and may well help) to inject into muscle group worked. I know there is a lot of discussion about the merit of this and whether or not it makes any difference at all, but so far it is working for me so I will run with it until I find better / more credible evidence to the contrary.

    4. All of my injections of IGF-1 LR3 have been IM so far, so I can't really comment on sub-q ...... I have no first hand knowledge of how effective it is.

    Well, that is my experience so far. I am sure some of the other bros can relate their experiences as well. Good luck to you. Enjoy your long R3. If you respond like I have, I am sure you will be pleased.

    I find your response to be very well thought out and complete. Thank you. I have a quick observation, or maybe just a thought.

    I have done subq and they are very very very easy and quick, painless, and almost no chance of hitting a nerve, vein, or harming yourself in anyway whatsoever. Therefore, I feel it is safe to conclude that subq injections are the best form of injection if all other factors are removed. Your insight into the increased IGF receptors makes sense and definitely seems to work for you! However, since there is no real proof about localized growth, using a simple cost/benefit perspective, doesn't it seem like a quick subq pwo or in the morning on rest days, would be more sensible.

    Of course, if the localized growth/effective theory is true, then that would possibly make it worth it. But it is also safe to say that the same results could, in fact, occur from using subq injections only (assuming LR3 ONLY).

    Just my 2 cents.

    Personally, I don't mind IM shots so much, but the bilateral loading of 2 pins is a pain in the arse sometimes both for IM. I will deal with this pain until someone can tell me first hand that SUBQ is just as effective as IM.

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