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Thread: IGF and Slin

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    IGF and Slin

    what r the best ways the cycle IGF and slin together...and would adding test be a good idea?? thanks bros

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    Be careful with slin and IGF-1 LR3. The IGF-1 increases insulin sensitivity, so I'd start low on the slin and work my way up.

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    Cycle your IGF and slin 5 weeks on / 5 weeks off. IGF taken every day for the 5 weeks, slin taken on workout days only for the 5 weeks. Take both the IGF and slin together immediately post workout on workout days. I would run about three cycles like this (30 weeks total-15 weeks total on cycle).
    What type of insulin ? R or humalog? If humalog do you dose more than once?

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    i am presently running both. i have not had any trouble with keeping my slin dosage at 10ius as usual.i do however get alot of carbs in since i am bulking....600g each day.and some times more.if you are watching your carbs i suppose it may be tricky though

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