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    Need Help from Slin Users?

    Just want to know how much people gained while on slin alone not with AAS?
    And how long it took them until they got gains

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    Sounds like you are having troubles gaining by using slin alone. When I used slin alone, I started at 4IU PWO, worked my way up to 10IU by increasing the dosage by 1IU every workout. Once on 10IU I stayed at that dose till the end of cycle. I was ON for 4 weeks. I only gained about 6lbs, but I felt it was quality 6lbs. Felt more like 10lbs. My stregth was steady and my bodyshape seemed to of changed a bit. Like I always say, I really dont think that using slin alone is much of a big deal when it comes to results. It really works a lot better when combined with AAS. I know people that have used slin alone and not been satisfied with the results even though their traninig and diet was up to date. So maybe what your going though is normal. Everyone is different, and everyone reacts differently. I have always said this, and I will say it again, the main thing to know is that you must eat right to get quality gains when using slin. What you eat plays a big role especially when using slin.

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