In april I wil do a 18 week cycle, I have used, AS, slin and Igf-1 before, but never GH. I was thinking about the following cycle:

week 1 t/m 5 SUSTANON 250 eod
week 5 t/m 12 TEST ENANTHATE 1000 mg week
week 13 t/m 15 TEST PROP 100 mg day

week 1 t/m 7 DECA 600 mg week
week 8 t/m 16 EQ 600 mg week

week 1 t/m 4 150 mg anadrol day
week 5 t/m 9 50mg dianabol day
week 10 t/m 16 40mg tren day

week 1 tot 18 STH 4 IU day

week 2 t/m 4 50 mcg IGF-1 L3day
week 1 t/m 4 7 IU slin PW

week 7 t/m 10 10 IU slin PW
week 14 t/m 16 10 IU slin PW

I will start this cycle in april, in februari and march I will be on a cutting period to lose fat. but some people told me this isnt necessary because with the gh you will burn alot off fat and by summer you will be hard as hell. I have no experience with Gh and will be on a 5000 kcal dieet that 18 weeks, will I really lose fat with it? can anyone help me out