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    GH at 20 Years old

    Hello, I have been reading a little on this forum. I have recently been turned onto taking HGH.
    I have pretty much stopped growing, for my age i have devolped A LOT faster than the other kids around me. In 7th grade i had a beard for chirsts sake

    But the question i have is will it add to my strength a good amount if i take 4IU's a day? Currently i have a max bench of around 485 raw. I know i have GREAT potential. Mostly because a 800+ bencher that i talked to said that he could barly do a 335 touch and go at around my age. But i would like to see if this would help my strength gains or would i be better off doing a cycle of roids??

    I have already recieved the speeches about taking this stuff at my age and what not. So just save it and help inform me... information is power and helps the individual make a better decision.

    Thanks again
    Mod @

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    Try IGF LR3....

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    485 bench, wow..
    what weight are u at??? height??
    what kind of routine do u do for chest tris cuz that is impressive.. what is your cycle history?

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    Well currently i am about 290lbs and i am 6'1"... My workout isnt really anything special i just have freakish genitics (my father is about 400lbs and pretty **** strong too @ 58 yrs old.
    As for my cycles: in 12th grade i did a decca and dbol stack. I did it kinda wrong becuase i wasnt informed about it and the idiot that gave it to me gave me some wrong directions so i only took it for about a month. Also i did EQ for about a month and a half. For some odd reason i get A LOT better gains natural than when i take roids. Thats why i was looking into HGH, but that IGF LR3 looks very good the more i read about it.

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    Ok so i guess the next logical questoin would be what would be a good cycle to do for strictly power with minimal losses??

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    i would say....

    1-13 - test E (600mg's)
    1-12 - Deca (400-500mg's)
    1-4 Dbol - 30mg's daily

    If you get IGF.... i'd throw it in weeks 14-15-16-17 - and then run test prop for those weeks also..... run the prop at about 100mg's/day

    then 3 days after last prop shot.... hit ur PCT

    Failure is not and option..... ONLY beyond failure is - Haz

    Think beyond yourselves and remember this forum is for educated members to help advise SAFE usage of AAS, not just tell you what you want to hear
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