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    Carbo Gain in slin cycle

    can I use "Now Presents: Carbo Gain" in my insulin cycle as carb source???
    i want to use Twinlab Ultra Fuel but its shipping cost me very much. then now i want to order Carbo Gain, so what's your opinions???

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    Your best of using dextrose which is pure glucose. As for carbo Gain, yes you can use it. Carbo Gain is Maltodextrin as far as I remember. And Malto will defenitely get the job done. As a matter of fact I use Malto myself when on slin, it works well. Good luck.

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    oh thanks bros, now i'm in the peace...i'm from turkei and noone knows the anything about insulin cycle, people make the cycles like this, they take the the insulin and after immediately they eat rice and sugar thats all..ya that's all, my trainer told me shoot the insulin and eat 1 kg rice during trainig, oh you see they know any sh.t about this drug. but i'm lucky cause there is a board like this. and you friends are helping me, thanks guys, take care

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    I've used both maltodextrin and dextrose, the only difference is the maltodextrin takes longer to get into your system as you would expect. Just use dextrose it's alot cheaper than malto.

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    i'm also using carb gain by PROLAB $6.00 only i started last week,
    i added to my suplements i'm currently doing,
    i'm bulking and maybe this sounds BS to u but its working,
    3 months ago i started taking 16pills of creatine, 16pills of amino acids,
    6pills of glutamine, 150gms of protein and ofcourse i eat all i can,
    i was 157lbs now 172lbs, and i'll continue till i get my previous weight 192lbs then possible slin later not sure yet.

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