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    First GH Cycle Help

    Hey bros just got a few questions for you...I just started my first GH cycle about a week ago.... 2 I.U. at 8 a.m. and 2 I.U. at 2 p.m. of do all people experience the side effects like the numbness of hands and stuff or is it just some??and when do you start feeling the side effects usually? also I am running it for atleast 6 months to a year and I am wondering when will i start feeling the effects both muscle gain and fat burning properties?? also does GH make you hungrier or does the need for calories just go up? and when should you start eating a ton ? and does your body start absorbing more calories when the GH finally kicks in?? I am starting a test, Eq, d-bol cycle about 2 1/2 months into my GH cycle jusat to let u know...thanks for your help bros throughout everything you guys have made me get big the right and safest way!

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    hey thanks a lot redbaron that really helps.... now i want to put on as much mass as possible so how should i be eating i was thinking something like this

    meal 1: 10 egg whites (2 whole), 1/2 cup oatmeal, portein shake maybe some whole heat toast as well
    meal 2: tuna can, 1/4 cup noodles (pre workout)
    meal 3: protein shake (always whey) 2 rice cakes with PB and jelly (post workout)
    meal 4: lean meat source, potato or rice, veggies
    meal 5: protein shake
    meal 6: tuna can, whole wheat crackers
    meal 7: protein shake
    meal 8: steak, veggies

    is this a good bulking diet?? or is this to many calories would you guess this is and is it enough for optimum growth???? thanks!!!

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    He's absolutely right. I have never experienced any sides, but you will notice significant and dramatic changes once you start to run the other gear with it. Some often spot inject GH in those hard to lose fat areas


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