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Thread: site injection

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    site injection

    what are all the palaces u can shoot hgh on the body?
    or what is the best spots?

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    you can shoot it anywhere that has skin dude.SubQ injections are whats recommended usually into areas that have a slight build up of fat tissue so you can pinch and inject into the pocket below.Stomach seems to be the choice of most due to the localized fat loss but if you have sagging tits go for it there.Some recommend shooting in an area but not within an inch of the same site for a month so you do run out of space on the abs if your hitting twice a day ED.IM shots have also been mentioned (apparently having a better effect on localized muscle development)but i have not seen anything to convince me of this and again twice daily ED would lead to a lot of scar tissue in the area your trying to develop.....hope this has been of some help,the guys on this board know their stuff so keep checkin

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