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    how much slin during GH cycle?


    OK im on 2IU/ED till Monday when I start at 4IUED. When I go to 4IU/ED id like to start adding insuling.

    My plan is to use Humalog (the 3-4hr stuff so I dont go hypo) PWO.

    My questions are:

    1) What do I eat/dring immed after WO
    2) How long after PWO meal/shake do I shoot the slin
    3) How much slin do I shoot
    4) Where does the Dextrose come in
    5) Should I only do slin on workouts days PWO or are there other times to use slin on off days.

    cycle: 100PropED (1-12) Dbol 40ED (1-3)

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    Thanks RB - that helps a LOT!

    yes im using it to get the best from my GH cycle - but I cutting - not bulking

    Quote Originally Posted by RedBaron
    It really depends on what you are using the slin for. If you are using it only to get maximum benefit from your GH cycle, you will want to get a BG meter and experiment with the dose until you find where it settles in at a desirable level. You will probably find that you will be able to get away with 4 -5 or so IU's a day while you're taking 4-5 IU's of GH. If you do it this way, you will want to take it on the same days you take your GH.

    If you are using it to put on some mass, you would do it something like:

    1. Immediately post workout - take your Humalog .... I would work up to 10IU's
    2. After you have given yourself your slin injection, drink a shake with 10g glutamine, 10g of creatine, and 7g of dextrose per IU of Humalog (70g if 10IU's shot)
    3. After 15 minutes, drink a shake with 80-90g of whey protein
    4. After about an hour, eat a protein meal with some carbs NO FATS
    5. Wait 3-4 hours after your Humalog injection to eat any protein / fat meals......also don't completely OD on carbs or it will also be stored in undesirable places (in other words you'll get fat).

    I would only use your Humalog only on workout days if you are using it for muscle building.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

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