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    insulin use and fat gain????

    i understand you get fat really fat fast if you eat fat while using slin now my question is if i use slin say on a workout day does that mean that whole entire day needs to be 100% fat free from meal 1- the last?? and if i were to use it everyday i would have to have zero fat in my diet or i would gain the blub?? if i am getting it wrong please correct me!

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    you only need to watch fat intake in the window of activity after injecting the insulin .. Some slin has short time of activity and some have long. Humalog is the slin of choice because it has a short window(especially when injected IM.)
    Check this for window of activity:

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    your diet will depend on the type of slin you use.true you should not consume fat while the slin is active,but to many carbs will also be stored as fat...there is a ton of info here just do a search and read all you can.and then if you have any questions,come back and ask..goodluck

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    ALso, you might want to get a BG monitor to fine tune your diet. That might help

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