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    Canadian guys, need some opinions please

    Hey, I'm thinking about running slin with my cycle starting week. The cycle is 750mg test e/ week. Anyways I wanted to know if going out to the pharmacy to buy the insulin is easier than ordering online or is it vice versa. I know its legal to buy, but can I just go up and ask for a 10ml/100iu vial of humalog ???

    Its just got me thinking because i wont be on there records when i go there and its not like im small by any means. Just wanted to know some of your opinions on this.


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    No you cant.


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    yes you can i live in toronto and my brother and i went in to a shoppers and bought two 100 i/u's of slin they were 20 bucks each we got a dirty look but it is definatly legal. good luck bro

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