Here is my experience with serostim

I'm 36 years old, trainnig for 17 years, average weight is between 190 - 194 lbs at 5' 11'' and 12 % bf last time I check before taking sero!

I have been off a cycle (that lasted 6 weeks only) for like 2 months now as from today. The cycle icluded 3 wini depot ew - 2 primo depot ew - and 1 test enathate ever 8 - 9 days for a total of 5 enathate for the whole cycle.

I started the sero 4 to 5 weeks after the cycle.( cause I only got the sero later )

So far I used over a period of approx. 3-4 weeks a box of 84 iu's of sero on it's own, with no aas or t3 or slin.
week 1 - 3 iu ed, 5 on 2 off
week 2 - 4 iu ed 6 on 1 off
week 3 - same as 2
week 4 - same as 2

I know it's not long but I wanted to post these results before I started aas again, besides my body always reacts very quickly to everything.

What I noticed:

- first week - not much

- beginning of second week- muscles harder after work out

- end of second week - skin getting thinner as a result of lower bf and I seem to be in a great mood alot even though i'm under alot of stress, sleep is improving ( good considering that I have had a real hard time getting a good nite sleep for the last 6 moonths )

- third week - Sleep is amazing, I sleep like a baby every night ! Still in a good mood.My weight has decrease by 3 or 4 pounds probably from lower bf, but i don't recall ever seeing my abs this rip. As for the gym, my weights seem to be somewhat the same even thought I'm off the cycle for like 2 months and my over all shape is very good considering my lower body weight.

Side effects - none so far

I will post my latest bf as soon as I get it done.

I know this isn't much info, but if it can help anyone in anyway, all the better.