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Thread: GroPep

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    Lets talk about GroPep. Maybe this isn't a good idea to talk about in the open but it's something I have been curious about for quite a while, so what the hell. Anyway, on many occasions I have been told that people have purchased IGF kits from GroPep without being a BioChem or whatever you are supposed to be. So obviously there is a way around this. Any thoughts from experience, or ideas?


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    maybe a phony biochem name with no follow up by gropep?It couldn't hurt to try from them.

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    not a good idea...Gropep is not selling to anyone without the proper credentials and necessary paperwork.

    If people keep contacting them, eventually it will become harder and harder for the people that are able to provide it to get it from Gropep.

    Gropep IS NOT LIKE Gensci, Gensci openly works with us, Gropep is not in that type of business to cater to our needs...

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