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    Uncooled insulin and ala with insulin

    Ok i asked the pharmacist*(spelling) if insulin lost it effectivness if it was not cooled, she said it could be at a temp of 15 to 25 for around 60 day without any problem.. I would like a confirmation on that... I been using it at that temp for a few shot and i felt only a big hunger with shaky hand 3 hour later subsided when i eated.. ( i been taking 50/50 dex/malto drink with it 5 min prior to injecting slin) and some protein..

    Another thing, anyone know the effect of taking ala, with insulin.. first time i ran insulin, i felt more hypo side when i was taking protein with ala in it also with 100g of malto and dex.. Could it be the alpha lipoic acid that is causing the discomfort?

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    my slin is atleast 60days old and it still works very well...i think that doc is full of ****

    and never used ala so i dunno

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    slin is good if kept out of the fridge for up to a month, in the fridge a year. ala can significantly increase insulin sensitivity...I use this all the time except when i'm using slin, it causes me to go hypo very easily.

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