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    Insulin effects later on

    Anyone believe its true that insulin use will make your body dependent on it and that it will eventually make you fat if you dont continue to use it lifelong , also making you become diebetic ? Or is their a certain amount you can use with GH for example that will keep your body producing its on and not cause you to get dependent on it for example like T3 is ok if you use certain dosages and for only a certain amount of time and you return to normal does this apply to slin as well ?

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    anybody have any thougths on this question?

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    Long term Insulin use can make your body depend on it. Insulin as a chemical does not make you fat. It is the nutrition that does that. So taking more Insulin doesnt mean, there is more chance of storing fat. Also, taking Insulin for a longer period of time doesnt mean there is more chance of storing fat than if you were to use Insulin for a shorter amount of time. Insulin will not increase the chances of fat storage once you stop using it. This refers to Insulin use alone or with AAS.


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