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    HGH and shoulder

    Im starting HGH soon and I was wondering if it will help my AC joint in my shoulder. The doctor said that is was "weightlifter shouler",, he gave me anti inflamatories but it hasnt helped...should i wait longer until its fully healed or will HGH help it?? The shoulder has been bothering me for 3 months so far, just when i bench..


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    Bro did the Doc x-ray it? Mine was bothering my I had it x-rayed and I had a bone sper(sp) which required surgey. If you shoulder not ready to lift weights don't lift, the HGH can help heal it if it's not needing surgery, but if you need sugery HGH isn't going to do anything as far as fixing your shoulder


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    I don't mean to jack the thread but i've been wondering the same thing. I also have a bone spur and a torn tenden in my left shoulder. The doc says I need it scoped. My concern is how long the recovery time will be from surgery and will GH speed the healing process. I've got some JIN that I was hanging onto for my next cycle.

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