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Thread: Slin during PCT

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    Slin during PCT

    I've been using slin pwo for a couple of 4 week cycles along with AAS and have been pleased with the results. My question is could slin used during pct after my 25 week cycle prevent all muscle loss? How would be the best way to run it, maybe 10ius in the morning and 10ius pwo? I know it would be better to add some IGF-1 LR3 in the mix, but would slin alone keep all my new muscle?

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    Im glad to hear that someone is actually pleased with their Insulin results. Lately, a few people haven't been happy with the results that Insulin has brought them. Anyway, glad everything is going well for you.

    Yes Insulin can be used during PCT. It's hard to say how much muscle it will save or if any at all, but your chances of manitaining weight or even adding some weight on would be higher if you used Insulin during PCT. I am no IGF expert, but I am assuimng if you had some IGF in there it would defenitely help. Insulin during PCT helps greatly reduce the catabolism that occurs around this time since AAS is no longer present to block glucocorticoid receptors, and therefore the actions of cortisol. As for doses, just stick with your cormftable dose PWO. That's what I did and was more than glad with my results. Taking Insulin in the AM is also an option, but you are running more of a risk of storing fat than if you were to use it PWO, so I always seem to stick with Insulin PWO only, regardless if its during PCT or mid cycle. Hope that helped.

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