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Thread: 1st gh cycle!

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    1st gh cycle!

    I'm a competitive bodybuilder and doing the Canada's next year, and planning to do my first GH cycle. Im doing 4iu's / every morning for 4 1/2 months and stacking it with 750mg of test enanthate 600mg of deca and anadrol 's for the first month. I'm also doing 10 iu's of insulin post workout. Im currently 195lbs with abs. I am 6' and have a contest weight of 180lbs, but have to go up a weight class. I want to weigh in at 200lbs. Is it possible? Some suggestions please.

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    as far as the gh goes you should split the dose, 2IU's around 8 AM and 2 IU's around 2 PM if possible. What you want is definately possible but you need to get advise from someone who has done it. you may want to post this in the bodybuilding sectioin also. They will probably need more info, like what are you eating, how long is your cycle, etc. A lot will have to do with diet and how you respond to the AAS.
    Good luck!

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    bump for more info

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