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    month 3 on HGH still snap crackle & pop

    I'm 42yrs young and have been on HGH for 3 months and my joints are still popping and cracking. No pain, just noisy. Will this subside or is this normal or what? Red Baron I hope you respond to this.

    Thanks for any comments

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    There no way of really knowing if it'll stop, without know your medical history or condition of your joints.


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    Did you have the same snapping and popping before the GH or did the GH seem to cause the noise?

    How many IUs are you taking?

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    Popping /cracking is just one of the symptoms of minicus aka. cartiledge tears. Pain is there most of the time when you take that joint to its fullest travel. Also at 42yrs we have to be aware of associated ailments like osteo-arthritis. Hopefully the HGH will offer some help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBaron
    Did you have any snap, crackle, pop before the GH therapy? If so, I would suspect some calcium deposits, beginning arthritis, or just the result of an inflamed bursa. If there is no pain associated with it, I wouldn't suspect a tear in the miniscus.....I have had the great joy of tearing mine and can tell you that it will cause its share of pain.

    If the snap, crackle, pop started only since your GH cycle, I would suspect that it is a result of the increased amount of fluid in the joints. Just like popping your knuckles is caused by the quick movement of the fluid of the joints of your fingers, it could be the same with whatever joints are popping.
    I can vouch for the miniscus tear pain..... i was unfortunate enough to experience it..... since they removed some of it... there hasn't been anymore pain.

    RB - why aren'ts you modding this forum?

    sorry for jackin the thread haha
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