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Thread: GH and BF% loss

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    GH and BF% loss

    i'm 35yrs old and weigh 210lbs and have about 18% BF. i'm thinking of starting GH soon and want to know what would be the best gear to stack it with. i don't want to use AS because i don't want to deal with the sides...mostly acne which i think i would be prone to.

    what would be the best stacker to use with GH (4-5 iu's ED) and how much BF (% wise) would i expect to lose on a six month cycle?

    my main goal is to lose the spare tire but lean muscle mass is a close second, i lift 4 days a week and can bench 275lbs so i'm not quite a newbe. my diet mostly consist of chicken, fish, steak, protein shakes with complex carb powder and glutimein mixed with non-fat milk, wheat bread, bananas and 1/2 - 1 gal water a day. other that than i cheat every now and then with a cookie or some pancakes but that's about it.

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    bro with HGH you need some test even if it's a low dose of 200-350mg a week. The acne can be controled, take 2 showers a day but at those doses I wouldn't think you'd have propblems.

    Cardio and diet are going to be key here for fat loss, do some cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, after the cardio drink a whey protein isolate shake and do a shot of HGH before or after the cardio.


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