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Thread: how much slin

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    how much slin

    i have started my gh with 2ius per day and will eventually get up to around 4ius per day, once iam at at the 4ius i will be trowing in some slin, most likely humalog, as i have read this is the best way to go, but i was wondering how much should i add, i will be running it 4 weeks on and four off, my goalis fat loss, i am about 255 and and 6'5" about 15 % bf how many ius should i be using and should i go 6 days on and 1 off or run it striaght through, i will also be running 12.5 mg t3 and aas, thanks

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    Your best of usling slin 4 weeks ON 4 weeks OFF like you said, and use it only on training days PWO. If this is your first time using slin then start on about 4IU and work your way up to 10IU by increasing the dose by 1IU every training session. Once on 10IU, stay on that dose till the end of 4th week. IMO first time Insulin useres have no reason to breach the 10IU mark. Do this a few times till you get used to what Insulin is doing to you. Once your used to using it, you can then start using 10IU +. This is a pretty standard rule for Insulin users. Im unsure if this rule is the same when gH is part of the stack as well. Good luck.
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    That rule still applys with HGH


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