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    slin administration

    I was wondeing the best way to take slin, i have heard alot of people talking about IM, but can slin be taking sub-q? is it less affective taken sub-q? Also if taken IM what types of oins are needed, the same as gear or can it be taken through a sammler needle ike 29 gauge half inchers, do you have to asperate when you go IM? also i know to take slin only after you workout butis that only one lifting days or on cardio days ass well?

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    Insulin can be taken either Sub-Q or IM, either way it's effective. But IMO, IM is the way to go as IM injections keeps Insulin active in your body for less time than if your were to do Sub-Q. No matter if you are doing Sub-Q or IM, you still must use the Insulin needles. I only take Insulin on workout days.

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