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    insulin or spike from dextrose!

    i've been reading alot about people and doing slin alone with no AS and say it has no effect what so ever then i hear it does, and then i hear that about 75g of dextrose would elevate insulin levels jsut as efficient as a shot of slin so really is it worth it to do slin with creatine or would it be just a good to just use dextrose as the insulin spiker and creatine??

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    No matter if you are using Insulin with AS or without, it will still work. However, Insulin seems to respond better when combined with AAS. Dextrose does elevate Insulin levels, but it is not something you would substitute for Insulin. Insulin's role for BB purposes is to allow your body to push the nutrients into your muscle cells a lot easier and quiker. It also allows your body to absorb more nutrition past that point than if you were not using Insulin. That is its main role. Just because you are not getting the side effects or putting weight on, it does not mean that Insulin is not doing its job.

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