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Thread: Just Started GH

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    Just Started GH

    Just started Jintropin today at 2 iu's. I will ramp up gradually to 4 iu's. Is it recommended to start t-3 right at the start? Do I just take 12.5 mcg's daily throughout? Do I cycle it? Or do I just not worry about it and spare my thyroid the stress? Any help appreciated!

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    Do a search on post's made by Mallet. Although hgh does slow down thyroid 4 iu's per day it is minimal. Unless you are in competition bodybuilding then I would stay clear rather than risk having to use thyroid meds for the rest of your life if run improperly. You should always have your thyroid checked before running any thyroid medication. Most high tech bodybuilders swear by hgh..t3..and slin stack. IMO...the only safe one with moderate usage is hgh at up to 6iu's ed.

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