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Thread: HGH and Gyno..

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    HGH and Gyno..

    Well if you had read my past posts you would know that I had puffy nipps from a past cycle (about 2 years ago) that never went away even with nolvadex etc.
    Now after using growth for about 2.5 months I have small hard lumps under each nipple which leads me to believe that Yes HGH does aid in the growth of GYNO (breast TISSUE).
    I have an app. with a plastic surgeon on the 20th and I am interested to see what he will say. Has anyone had gyno from test etc and then had it removed and continued HGH? I really do not want to stop the GH but I guess I will have to see, also my regular doctor is going to try see if he writes it up as very painful maybe insurance will pay for it. I am going to get an ultra sound this week (bi lateral cystic breast) from my doctor as well.

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    Similar situation here. Nolva is working for me and the surgeon said it is not worth surgery. Read my thread...

    I think dropping the gh may be the answer, but I'm still figuring it out. Doc told me to run with 1iu/ed for now.

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