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    No Clue, HELP????

    I know a place where i can get the things i think i need in order to produce results im planning on taking
    Humatrope = 3.2 I.U. per day split into 3 times a day
    Insulin = 11 I.U. per day
    Cynomel = 100 mcg. per day

    as it is right now i can get
    Gonadotropina 10,000 U.I./10 ml
    Humatrope 5mg 15 U.I.
    cynomel 25mcg./100 tabs

    I dont understand the whole I.U. and U.I. thing and my recommended dosage for humatrope is 3.2 I.U.'s per day but the place i get it from says it comes in 5mg 15U.I., which I dont understand.

    Someone out there with experience please help me understand and make some suggestions also with the whole I.U. and U.I. thing could someone help with what dosages Ill be needing ( I weigh 220lbs.). Thanks for the help.
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    IU=International Unit, UI samething just backwards. 5mg=15iu because the rule of thumb id 1mg=3iu.

    Don't do more then 25mcg of t3 when using HGH. Why do you need Gonadotropina are you using an AAS stack too?


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