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    maturing cells with igf1-lr3

    alright guys wondered if someone can help with my query.ive been on 5iu a day gh for the last 8 months and am about to start using igf1-lr3 now . will this mature any new muscle cells i may have developed whilst on the gh or will they have matured already due to the gh releasing more igf in my body and my combined use of aas.would i see any more lean gains as a result?

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    IGF-1 causes hyperplasia (sp) which is the generation/splitting of new muscle cells and other cells (cancer) if they are there and dormant. If absorbed well and the liver does what it is supposed to do, one IU of GH produces 4-5 mcg of IGF-1 as the GH is filtered in the liver.

    To mature the new cells you will need AAS. IGF-1 is better than GH if you are looking for muscle as you are bypassing the middleman (liver) and injecting into the muscle. Overall GH is better for fat loss.

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