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    A little theory I have

    This is kind of a little of the typical teachings, but it seems to make sense in my mind and wanted to get some thoughts of some others.

    Lets say your on cycle
    test 1g/wk
    deca 600mg/wk

    and your really starting to crack down on all that test and deca. So lets say that on week 6 you start 50-100mg of drol ( I will explain all this in summary) and you run the drol for about 3wks and you start slin/igf pwo and run the igf ed.

    Now what I am getting at here is this:

    Drol is designed to get your rbc count up and plasma levels which in turn helps deliver more nutrients. It is also a very powerful androgen which is a great thing for us.

    Slin allows us to super shuttle nutrients to our freshly worked muscles... Which is a good thing keep from going catabolic

    igf creates muscle fiber hypertrpohy and I think I read somewhere creats satelite receptors aswell.

    So to sumerize this I am saying the drol would be use to get more blood to transport the nutrients at a constant and also help super shutle when we introduce the slin. The igf obviously will flourish with all the nutrients and grow more cell which will take advantage of the high androgens we have in our system from the drol.

    On a personal note to back up my theory, is I used igf pwo only at 40mcg for a month and I never lost any of the gains I made from it. I didnt even come close to following a good diet oplan over the summer or even train very hard, but as soon as I pushed a pin of test in my body it has worked 2 fold over any other time. I also read somewhere that the pros like to use heavy androgens while using igf, because the great gains they make appear to be kept. I havent any idea if this is true or note just a little side note... Ok boys what do you think

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    well in theory its somewhat true, and not a bad idea.
    Similarly i am running igf-1 and slin PWO, but the igf-1 recruits satellite cells for maturity...

    Also the increased proliferation of muscle fibers combined with a heavy exogenious androgen supplementation will make your gains seem more permanent, as the new fibers are there to stay. But like all muscle tissue, they WILL decrease in size and strength if not trained and given proper nutritional requirements.

    Now my ideal cycle would be similar to that, but i would run tren with it, and sign up with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for MYO-29 trials.

    I couldn't think of more powerful gains than that, heavy powerful androgens with high levels of growth hormone and igf-1, while being injected with monoclonal antibodies blocking the production of myostatin!

    Can you say ron coleman the 2nd?

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    I like tren but cause the high dose of deca I would be concerned... But I agree for high dose androgens tren is king of the road.. Thanks for oyur imput and let e know I will go to the clinicla trials..

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    I get what you are saying sort of.... whether or not it works is another story. So basically you blow the hell up with the drol and keep it with the IGF and insulin ? Wonder how this would work on slin, IGF and drol alone....?
    What doses are you talking about for each compound? Besides the test and deca ...

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    bro,read my thread on my igf run,i ussed 1g test ew,600mg deca ew,but i used d-bol instead of anadrol ..personal preference.and i used thinking was to have the most AAS available for the hyperplasia caused by the igf.what good is hyperplasia without hypertrophy.

    as far as drol being a great androgen it does however bind poorly to androgen receptors..and my RBC is already too high,so i prefer dbol now a days.

    we all kind of have our own theories as to what will work the best,all i can say is try it out bro,keep a journal and see how it goes..goodluck

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    any negative sides anyone?

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