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Thread: I.m. Or S.q.

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    Question I.m. Or S.q.

    how do you inject your jin (or any other hgh to that matter) i.m. or s.q.?

    i know many do inject the jin s.q. in the abdomen area...but what if you are 230 with 16% body fat/water where the majority of the fat covers the abdomen area...wont it be better for you to inject the jin i.m. so it can get in the blood faster insted of sitting in the layer of fat/water that covers the abdomen area?

    also what is the absorption rate for i.m and for s.q?

    redbaron, if you can answer those questions also any other one who can contribute from experience is welcome since i could not find even one post about it and i looked in 4 diff boards.

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    Sub-q fat doesn't matter on sub-q shots


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    ABbsorbtion is a few hours2-4 but actual blood circulation levels of hgh is only a few minutes.

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