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Thread: gh life span

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    gh life span

    hi guys just wondering i got a humatrope 4iu vial here that sais sterile dilutent (water) should be used in 24 houres after construction but a friend here sais that it should be ok for a week but i say unless its got benzile alcahol as a preservative which it doesnt its gona last only 24 houres after reconstruction. he also sais that it just has to be kept in a cool place not necaceraly in a frige he recons its ok at a cool room temreture do u guys agree with what he said.

    just so u guys have all the info its a 4iu vial of gh humatrope i got over the counter in turkey

    please help me out guys im so eager to know if this is true or not itl make life so much cheaper and easyer.


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    bump!! help please
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    umm u should get some bacteriostatic water .. it will keep the GH good for 2-3 weeks

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