On Fitropin for a few days now. Heres what I can tell you so far. I have NO red welts no nothing at the injection site.(using the water that came with the kit) I am at 6ius per day and both my hands get little numb during the day. Another thing is that when I hit the gym my joints hurt alittle nothing I cant handle. Feels like Im on winny with the joint pain....I will post back again in a few weeks and let peeps know how my rHGH cycle is doing. Let everyone know heres is my cycle:
1-6 months hgh 6iu's 3ius 8am 3ius 2pm..work 3-11
1-24 test cyp 1200mg per week
1-24 Deca 800mg per week
Slin Humalog 10iu's 2x a day 4 weeks on 4 weeks off
will start igf-1 LR3 in months 2,4,6
4,000-5,000 cals per day 400grams+ protein per day

I know its 192aa Met hgh but so far no complaints.