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    Pros and Cons of taking HGH in the middle of the night

    I take 4 iu's a day split in 2 shots of 2 iu's, one in the morning and then in early after noon ( just like all the posts suggests ).
    In one of RedBaron's post, he mention that taking one of these shots in the middle of the night (after your own production of gh, let's say 3 or 4 hours after going to bed) would be even better except for the fact that it's a headache to do so. But it isn't really if you already get up every night to go to the bathroom and have a preloaded pin in the frig waiting.
    I'd like to hear the guys opinion on the pros and cons of taking hgh in the middle of the night, lets say when u wake up to go and pee. Here's my view on it...


    Your body produces most of your GH during sleep for a good reason, so logically it seems to be the best time for it.

    By taking one shot in the middle of the night and your second shot upon waking it would increase the time between your last shot of the day and the time when u go to sleep, therefore insuring u no suppression of your natural gh production.

    Also, it would help to feel less tired during the day, since the intake of GH seems to trick your body into thinking it needs sleep


    Well I did it last night for the first time and I almost nailed my finger instead cause i was so drowsy.

    U must be a regular at waking up every night to go pee ( which is my case)
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    I do 3 shots a day, 1 of those is before bed. The reason I do one before bed is I have low HGH/IGF-1 but since IGF-1 can shut down HGH output I do one before bed. So the idea of trying to adjust your ijection to acomidate your natural release is a good idea but you have no way of know if it's being released or if the IGF-1 is being released because of your earlier HGH shot, which would shut down your HGH. It can take up to 20 hours for the IGF-1 to be released.

    So my thought is if your running HGH, you might as well run it like your HGH is shut down or you coul;d miss the most important time your body uses HGH.


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    Thanks JohnnyB for your input.

    But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

    There's a reason our bodies secrete GH two hours after bedtime, and if you're going to add to this more GH, it only seems logical to do it soon after you're natural secretion.

    Anyone else ?

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