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    Question about 'skin tightening' on gh.

    Was just wondering if someone lost a large amount of weight and had some excess skin, would a long term, low dose GH cycle help to dramatically tighten that excess skin? Never done GH so don't know if the tight skin people feel is like a pump tight or different. thanks.

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    It would help improve your skin but not dramatically as you stated. Only muscle toning will do that.

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    If you lose weight slowly, there shouldn't be too much excess skin, or any at all. Excess skin comes from sudden and huge amount of weight loss. However, I'm not sure if gH will help your skin get tighter, I really don't think it would though. But surely there are other treatments wether its drugs or surgery that will help your skin be not as loose/flopy.


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    Maybe enough to hide small wrinkles. Build muscles to fill your skin back up!

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