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    New creatine delivery system and slin?

    Ok, call me a dumbass but I think I'm seriously hooked on this new creatine that is using insulin as a delivery system, such as V-12 and this new one I tried called Satur8. I've gotten some really good fullness in my muscles from this new creatine product, and I definitely feel like its hitting me much harder than the old creatine/sugar combo. I think I'm going to try to hit up some slin with it. I mean, if creatine such as V-12 is using slin as a delivery system, then adding straight slin to the mix would make you get some serious gains I would think, am I wrong?

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    Where do you get that V12 and Sat8 has insulin as a delivery system?

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    If you are using Creatine alone without Insulin and getting good results, then using Creatine with Insulin should defenitely make the absorption rate higher which should lead to even better results.

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